• Lifecycle Management

    ll products go through a lifecycle from product design and introduction through to removal from the market at the end of life. Edwards’ vacuum equipment is no different, so to aid understanding of your current equipment we have designed an easy to use lifecycle model.

    Each of the 4 stages within the lifecycle model provide a clear definition of what to expect in terms of product support, technical assistance, service offering scope and complimentary service solutions.

    Premium Status:
    Latest technology premium products, best value through continuous improvement and development. OEM exclusive service offerings to aid planning your future maintenance requirements.

    Mature Status:
    Established and reliable technology through on-going product improvement programs. Fully supported product for applications and service. A newer product maybe available to further increase operational value.

    Obsolete Status:
    Product under notice of factory obsolescence or already declared obsolete. Limited application and product support. Fully supported in service and spare parts supply. Cost of maintenance is likely to rise during the obsolete phase. Product Upgrades and optimisation services available to increase your value

    End of Life Status:
    Product under notice of service end of life with a typical 2 year notice period. Support through service division only. Cost of equipment maintenance likely to significantly increase alongside extended repair lead time and limited spares availability. Product upgrades strongly recommended.


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